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‘What/If’ Review: Trashy Loads Of Fun

Netflix’s What/If is just one big delicious mess that entices audiences and hooks you in with levels of debauchery seldom seem in a television series. The show asks where would you would draw the line on what is socially acceptable. Would you compromise your morals if it served a higher purpose? What was appealing about the series was how it wasn’t one narrative but a collection of them which were woven well. Renée Zellweger plays Anne Montgomery, a ruthless businesswoman who makes money investing in startups and devouring them from within. Montgomery is cut throat and has made it clear she has ulterior motives. What/If initially begins with a narrative centered around Lisa Montgomery’s (Jane Levy) failing start-up and her efforts to get Montgomery to invest. She eventually gets a chance to pitch Zellweger’s character on her investment opportunity (she had no choice because they were about to go under) and Lisa is successful, but there’s a catch. Anne agrees to invest 80 million dollars in her company in exchange for one night alone with her husband Sean (Blake Jenner). Initially, they balk at the deal but then decide they can survive this arrangement (this should end well).


Just when you think Sean and Lisa have jumped off the deep end, we meet Todd (Keith Powers) and Angela (Samantha Marie Ware). We quickly learn that Todd may have engaged in some coverup to a crime Sean committed outside a bar, and it seems Angela is having an affair with chief of surgery. Just matters couldn’t get much worse; we find out that’s she’s also pregnant (In the first episode!). Is Jerry Springer a writer on this show?

What/If is that trashy kind of television that’s like watching a car wreck on the side of the road. No one will be able to take their eyes off the screen and just when you think it couldn’t get much worse, it does. My only concern reviewing the series is that I wish Netflix had allowed critics to see more than the first five episodes of season one. I can confidently tell you that they get off to a great start but can’t comment on how they wrap these storylines. What/If is certainly binge-worthy but adjust your expectations accordingly. Don’t go in expecting quality but you will be entertained.


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