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‘Watchmen’ Season One Episode Two Review: Secrets are Revealed


Watchmen kicked off its first season last week with quite a flurry and a mountain of praise. It’s easy to see why most (including this critic) have been referring to Watchmen as the answer for those looking for a show after Game Of Thrones went off the air. The second episode certainly reinforced this point beautifully. Probably the biggest compliment that I can give the writers of Watchmen is that they’ve found a way to bring in all sorts of fans (not just ones who read the graphic novel). It deals with relatable material and done so in a way that doesn’t alienate its audience. With that in mind, here are four takeaways from tonight’s episode.

4. Did Judd’s murder have a broader purpose?


While some in police force want to point the finger at the Calvary (and It’s not a far leap to make) for the untimely death of Judd (Don Johnson), Angela (Regina King) seems to see the broader picture. Could it be to create madness in the streets? Angela begins investigating Judd and discovers a devastating secret.

3. Love how the show is building tension with each passing scene.


Now that we know about Judd’s deep secret, it brings up the point of who exactly Angela can trust. Could there be more individuals on the force who have something to hide? What about her husband?

2. Regina King has a connection to the man she saw at the tree. But what is it?


We discover that the man in the wheelchair (Louis Gossett Jr.) has a connection to Angela, which is quite shocking. What is his purpose in all of this? I know there was speculation about Don Johnson playing a specific character, but now it seems it might Mr. Gossett.

1. We need more Jeremy Irons.


I’m not sure exactly how he’ll play in role in this narrative, but what I do know is that I want more scenes with him in them.

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