‘Watchmen’ Episode Four and Five Review: Pieces and Cars Fall


Watchmen doesn’t seem to miss a beat from week to week. What appears to be the strength of this series is how it’s able to walk that fine line between world-building while staying true to the source material. If you are a fan of the graphic novel or just a novice like myself, this show has delivered to date. Will it continue? Remains to be seen, but with that in mind, let’s take a look at last week and this week in our top five takeaways.

5. Here she is … the one behind it all!


Her name is Lady Trieu, and she seems to be quite significant in Tulsa’s past and what’s to come. She even appears to be connected with Angela’s grandfather (who just appeared out of nowhere). Who are they?

4. This is not going to go well.


It seems now that Laurie Blake is the new acting chief of police. She already suspects Angela as being responsible for Judd’s death… so this shouldn’t go well.

3. More of this.


I don’t know what Adrian Veidt is attempting to do. I am not sure where he’s being held captive, but I can’t get enough of his wacky antics.

2. We get an in-depth look into the looking glass.


We finally get a bit of insight into why looking glass is so deranged. We find out that he was at ground zero in New York when the doomsday clock struck midnight, and 1/2 of the city was killed. His fear is what governs all the choices he makes. However, a seismic event occurs, which causes him to question everything and who he’s aligned with?

1. Did he make a good choice?


What have you done looking glass?

'Watchmen' Episode 4 and 5
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