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Top Three Takeaways From Last Night’s Academy Awards

So, with the debacle that was last night’s Academy Awards in the rearview mirror, it has given us collectively time to reflect on the dumpster fire that was last night’s show. The award show last night was equivalent to attempting to fit a square peg into a round hole. There’s a reason why every award show imaginable in 2020 had used some virtual element tied to their event. They realized that if we couldn’t have what occurred last year, we can do the best we can. While the rest of the film community zigged, the Academy Zagged. In a year that has been anything but traditional, the Academy decided that this was as good as any year to change a few more. Why? With that in mind, here are my top 3 takeaways from last night’s event.


3. Say What?

For years it has been a tradition in the acting categories to have previous winners present the following year in the opposite category. For example, if you were to win Best Actor, then the following year, you would present Best Actress. Made perfect for sense. So why would they change it up this year? With everything that needed to change or adjust due to the pandemic, why not keep something this simple in place. The result was Renee Zellweger presenting to Frances and leaving the most awkward moment of the night to the most awkward actor working in Hollywood.

Academy Awards

2. Drone On!

Forgive me for ever going off on previous award shows for playing people off the stage. Dear lord! They let them talk and talk and talk. Instead of letting people talk for as long as they did, maybe they should have taken some of that time and dedicated it to using clips in the show, which they clearly thought was unnecessary.


1. Moving things along the way –

So they decided to speed up the In Memoriam portion of the show, they decided to move up Best Picture in hopes of setting up a tearful Best Actor acceptance by the widow of the assumed winner Chadwick Boseman only to have him not only win but have the last award won by the one man who wasn’t at the event. They didn’t have a plan, so they just decided that was it! What? They had to know that this was a possibility.


What did you think of last night’s Academy Awards?


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