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The Wolf of Snow Hollow
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‘The Wolf of Snow Hollow’ Movie Review (2020)

The Wolf of Snow Hollow reaffirms why writer-director-actor Jim Cummings is one of the most fearless men working in Hollywood. It’s nothing short of astonishing what he’s able to create on a budget that’s at most 1/10th that of most other releases. Yet, here we are with Cummings follow up to his acclaimed Thunder Road with a release that dips its toes in another genre, and the result is no different. Are there similarities between Thunder Road and The Wolf of Snow Hollow? Barely, both of his films are a breath of fresh air in a sea of rehashed ideas dominating the Hollywood landscape. 

The Wolf of Snow Hollow

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is a cross between the Coen Brothers with a dash of comedic undertones mixed with a typical horror film. The result is a quirky yet highly tense experience that has mass appeal. If someone at home is deciding what to watch and balks at Cummings film because they aren’t horror fans, I’m not sure this film would fit into that genre. Yes, the narrative centers around the grizzly murders of many locals in a small ski town in Utah, but if anything, the film is a comedy of errors that mostly pokes fun at the absurd hoops law enforcement must jump through. 

Cummings does touch on some of the same themes from Thunder Road in The Wolf of Snow Hollow. We once again see a male lead adjusting to his role as a single dad while battling his demons. At times, the relationship with his daughter is downright awful, which mirrors the relationship he has with his father (played by the late Robert Forester) interacts with him. It’s hard not to wonder if Cummings was drawing from his own life when crafting those moments. 

'The Wolf of Snow Hollow'
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