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The War with Grandpa
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‘The War with Grandpa’ Movie Review (2020)

The War with Grandpa maybe the strangest movie to be released this year, which is saying quite a lot with the way 2020 has unfolded. Any film which casts Robert DeNiro, Christopher Walken, Cheech Marin, Uma Thurman, and Jane Seymour seems destined for success, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more lackluster release ever than this film. Some have referenced how the film comes off as Disney+ film, but that’s off base. At least those movies are edited well and have clear and concise narratives. The experience of watching The War with Grandpa was just odd. Why would these actors signup for such a film? Was this all about just cashing a paycheck? 

The War with Grandpa

There’s nothing original about the narrative. If you saw one film about a kid at odds with their parents or grandparents, you’ve seen them all. The thing is that even comparing The War with Grandpa to something like Home Alone or Dennis the Menace is too generous. The editing in the film makes the flow come off as clunky and disjointed. The War with Grandpa isn’t even entertaining for children. The comedic moments that DeNiro is known for are a result of playing off his tough-guy persona and, in the film, rely on his physical comedy. Really? Even those moments come off dull. Yes, we have seen that old freak out because of creatures gag tons of times. There’s no logical reason to tell anyone to mask up and see the film in a theater. For that matter, there’s no reason to even pay for it on-demand. Let’s pretend this film never happened. 

'The War with Grandpa'
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