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Top Three Takeaways From Last Night’s Academy Awards

So, with the debacle that was last night’s Academy Awards in the rearview mirror, it has given us collectively time to reflect on the dumpster fire that was last night’s show. The award show last night was equivalent to attempting…

Review: ‘Shirley’ Launches Moss Into Oscar Contention

Shirley will be forever remembered as the role which launched Elisabeth Moss into the stratosphere. Moss’s performance as horror writer Shirley Jackson is Oscar-worthy. She owns this role in the same way Anthony Hopkins owned the role of Hannibal Lecter….

Oscar Predictions 2020 – Who will win the gold?

The Oscars will take center stage this Sunday, and it seems that many of the major categories are devoid of excitement. When looking at how many of the major nominees have faired in the numerous award shows that have happened…