‘Succession’ Season Two Episode Two Review: Away We Go

Succession returned tonight and began laying the groundwork for each of the main character arcs for this season. I’m not sure it was the strongest episode, but it still left a ton of unanswered questions (which of course is what drives fans of the show to return with such glee). The writing tonight was top notch like always, but it seemed as if it was the little moments that might have the most significant impact down the road. Here are five takeaways from tonight’s episode of Succession. 

5. Tom is in way over his head on all fronts. 

Season 2, Episode 2 (debuts 8/18/19): Jeannie Berlin, Matthew Macfadyen.
photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

Tom wants so desperately to assert his masculinity and ascend the Waystar corporate ladder. He at first thinks that being impeded at ATN will get him more face time with Shiv’s dad; little does he realize that the position is somewhat meaningless (and the ATN management knows this). There’s a clash between the two and hey vows to “trim the fat” at ATN by making them digitized. What he doesn’t realize is the job he wants (Logan’s) has already been promised to Shiv (who seems to be very much interested in going for it as she’s cutting off ties with Gil in the campaign). Shocked by the news, we get a shocking reaction out of Tom.

4. Trouble in Paradise?

Season 2, Episode 2 (debuts 8/18/19): Sarah Snook, Matthew Macfadyen, Kieran Culkin, Caitlin Fitzgerald. photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

During the dinner party, Roman and Shiv end up busting Tom’s chops (which he usually takes), but he ends up telling her to “F” off. You can tell Shiv is shocked by this, but she still has a way of manipulating him. I still think we are going to see more of this as the season goes on leading to Shiv telling Tom to pound sand.

3. Roman is clueless. 


Roman desperately wants to play with the big boys but has no real sense for business. What he is good at is being the popular kid and with that comes an ability to get insight into your competition, which can be useful. Roman thinks he is making some headway with his dad when he agrees that gutting vaulter is the right move. He’s then stunned when dad has Kendall join in the proxy battle. He doesn’t seem pleased. Roman has had a whole lifetime of this, and one can’t help but wonder if he could turn on the family.

2. Kendall is nothing more than a drug-addicted robot. 


All Kendall cares about at this point are two things – making daddy happy (you know after he tried to take over the firm) and scoring his next bump of coke. Incredibly, he hasn’t died yet, but it only seems that it is a matter of time. I did not like seeing the former crack addict buying a lighter at the end of the episode.

1. Please let this happen! 


Please allow Connor Roy to run for President. It would be such a train wreck, and this family knows those.

Overall this weeks episode of Succession had a purpose but didn’t have the sizzle of last week (which is fine). It can’t all be “f” bombs and Roman one-liners. I look forward to seeing how these characters evolve in the weeks ahead.



'Succession' Season Two Episode Two Review
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