‘Succession’ Season 2 Episode 10 Review: OMG!


Succession’s season 2 finale aired last night, and it was intense as ever. If anything, we were left with more questions than ever. Here are four takeaways from Last night’s finale of Succession.

4. Roman bursts Logan’s bubble about going private.

Logan meets with Roman and his team

Roman meets with Logan and realizes that the Turkish funding is not the answer to their prayers. This was seen as a last resort, and now it’s come down to one of the inner circle being “thrown to the wolves.”

3. It’s gonna be…

The tense atmosphere before dinner

So Logan realizes that someone is going now have to be sacrificed, and the whole crew on the yacht proceeds to volunteer anyone but themselves. It’s a pretty intense sequence leaving the audience to believe that Tom might be the sacrificial lamb. That’s certainly not the case by the time episode 10 ends.

2. Shiv begs Logan to save Tom and choose …

After a pretty intense sequence with Tom on a secluded beach, it’s driven her to try and save her husband. She puts forth that Kendall would make a great choice. Ultimately, that ends up being Logan’s decision as well, which sets up a shocking chain of events. It’s these moments where Succession thrives.

1. We need more Connor in Season 3.

He doesn’t add much to the drama in the series, but man do I laugh anytime he’s in a scene. Maybe I should ask my mom for 100 million dollars?

What did you think of this season of Succession? What did you think of the finale?

‘Succession’ Episode 10 Review
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