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‘Succession’ Season 2 Episode 1 Review: The Winds Of War


Succession returns tonight as season 2 picks up right where we left the Roy family (just after Kendall had attempted to take over his dad’s company during Shiv’s wedding). It seems as if this season is going to be one hell of a mess. War is coming and what’s at stake is Logan’s firm. Here are 5 takeaways from tonight’s episode.

5.  Kendall has been neutered by his father but still is very much an addict.


Kendall has been reduced to a whimpering former version of himself. He’s no longer part of the group trying to take over his dad’s company. Logan knows about his drug-induced accident which killed the waiter and is using that to his advantage. Kendall is making television appearances denouncing this bid on top of making calls to shareholders in the hopes of stopping this in its tracks. But is this too little too late? How long is he going to play nice? He’s still an addict, and they aren’t known for making rational choices.

4. Roman might be the one to watch. 


For someone who claims to be unlike any member of the Roy family, Roman is probably the closest to a younger version of his father. He’s ambitious and isn’t afraid to slit his competitor’s throat but doesn’t have the business acumen that his siblings do. When the subject is broached about who could be a possible successor to Logan, he certainly wants the job but is never considered by his dad. He even looks quite dejected when Kendall is appointed acting CEO while Logan deals with “bearhug.” Could a dejected Roman decide to join forces with the group (spearheaded by Stewy) attempting to take down his father?

3. Shiv is offered the chance to be Logan’s successor but was the offer genuine. 


Nothing in this family is ever clearcut. I don’t believe that Logan just straight up offered her the job. I think he has in one way or another offered to Roman and maybe even Kendall. What better way to quell the vipers (his children) than to lead them to believe that they might take over daddy’s company someday.

2. Why are they being so lovely to Kendall? 

There’s no reason for Logan and Marcia Roy to be this nice to Kendall. He was the one who instigated this mess. Perhaps there’s a longterm goal in mind which involves naming Kendall as his successor (which of course would screw the other kids over) and installing him as a more of a figurehead while Logan still was running things. I could see Logan doing that.

1. War is coming!!! 


Make no mistake about it; there’s going to be a war for the future of this company. Stewy and his investors seem to realize this, but I’m not entirely sure they fully grasp to what depths Logan will go to keep his company. The bottom line is that things will get messy rather quickly.

Overall, I felt the first episode of this new season of Succession didn’t miss a beat. It was an excellent setup for what promises to be a fantastic second season.

'Succession' Season 2 Episode 1 Review
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