Review: ‘Westworld’ Season Three Episode One and Two: War !

Westworld has managed to right most if not all of the wrongs that occurred in just the first two episodes of season three. Focus is no longer an issue and the direction of series is crystal clear. War is coming. The battle between creator and creation is set to unfold. With that in mind here are five takeaways from the first two episodes of season three.

5. Delores is out for blood.


Delores has undergone hardships upon hardships at the hands of man and now is looking to inflict that kind of pain on the human race. She was a total badass in episode one. Somehow feel that there’s a final confrontation between her and Bernard at the end of season three.

4. Caleb’s mystery won’t be solved anytime soon.


The biggest mystery of season 3 is the intentions of Caleb (Aaron Paul). Is he just like the low-level criminals he does jobs with or is Caleb a good guy? We were lead to believe at the end of episode one that he was a good guy but that remains to be seen. Furthermore, does he have more in common with Delores than we realize?

3. Bernard’s journey.


Season 3 seems to also be a journey for Bernard and based on the first two episodes, one which will end in him making a sacrifice for the greater good.

2. The Creator?


Could this be the man who pits Maeve against Delores? My guess is he has the one thing which she covets.  Could it be her daughter?

1. Is anything real?

Thandie Newton

Something tells me that Maeve is going to be responsible for shattering the illusion their world has become. What if everyone is living in a simulation? Westworld has been known to catch the fans off guard.

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