Review: ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Episode 3 Picking Sides

Westworld¬†spent the first two episodes of season 3 laying the groundwork for a revolution. Tonight’s episode seemed to be about picking sides. The first two seasons were more about world-building, which may have bored some of the audience. Season three certainly makes up for any lag during the previous two. Episode three focused more on the dynamic between Charlotte, Delores, and even Caleb. With that in mind, here are five takeaways from tonight’s episode.

5. Who is Serac?


Serac seems to be involved in everything this season. It makes me wonder if he is the true puppetmaster of this “reality.”¬†

4. Conflict!


The revelation that the corporate mole is the very person you are pretending to be is easily the first great twist of season three. Interested to see how this plays out. Could the internal struggle make her a threat to Dolores?

3. The predator has awoken!


I loved that scene in the park with Tessa Thompson!

2. Delores holds almost all the cards on ‘Westworld.’

Evan Rachel Wood

Delores certainly holds all the cards. We are starting to see her plan unfold and just who is just like her, but it’s hard not to think that we haven’t seen the full picture yet. There are more secrets to come.

1. Caleb

Aaron Paul

Delores said that Caleb is a lot like her trapped by a world that tells them what they are supposed to be. She knows an awful lot about him. Could Caleb’s willingness to help Delores with her revelation be because he’s exactly like her? That would undoubtedly blow everyone’s mind if it were true.

Overall, it was an intense episode and left me with tons of questions. The writing this season on Westworld has far surpassed my expectations.

'Westworld' Season 3 Episode 3 Review
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