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Review: ‘Watchmen’ Episode 9 Ends With A Bang

Watchmen certainly ended with a bang tonight and left fans with tons of questions about not only what may have transpired but the show’s future as well. I’m sure much will be dissected from the last two minutes of the episode, but one undeniable truth is they’ve certainly left the door open for the 2nd season. Whether they want to go down the path remains to be seen. Personally, I think it would be foolish to ignore the popularity of the show and I’m sure HBO would love nothing more than to see Watchmen return. With that in mind, let’s take a look a five takeaways from last night’s gripping season (their words not mine) finale.

5.  Sometimes you live long enough to be the hero.


Even though Adrian is the one who orchestrated most of the fear which permeates throughout the world, in the end, he becomes a pseudo hero. Rather than allowing his daughter Lady Trieu to take on the powers of Dr. Manhattan, he orchestrates a cosmic event that wipes her out and almost everyone within a five-mile radius. Death by Squid anyone? Why? Because even his ego realizes that no one should have that type of power.

4. Daddy Issues?


What the series amounted was a tale of healing. On one hand, we are dealing with the idea of healing after the attacks in Tulsa and on the other side, we are dealing with a father who outright rejects her daughter. Each side is seeking a solution that involves putting on some sort of mask. For Angela and her grandfather, they became Hooded Justice and Sister Knight while Lady Trieu wants to dawn the “mask” of being the most powerful being in the world. However, Watchmen makes an interesting argument which is summed up in this quote from the final episode –

“Wounds won’t heal under a mask, wounds need air”

3. In a roundabout way we still justice served.


I would watch a buddy cop show with Laurie and Looking glass.

2. In the end, it was Ego which killed them all.


In the end, it was ego which ended up destroying Cyclops and eventually Lady Trieu. The weight of what she was attempting literally crushed her.

1.  What do you think happened?


The show ends on quite a cliff hanger. What do you think happened? How do you think it will impact season 2?


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