Review: ‘Underwater’ Is Exactly What You Think It Is


Fun fact about Underwater, principal photography began on the film in April of 2017. After numerous delays and a budget near 80 million, we are now only seeing the finished product this weekend. The film is anchored by Kristen Stewart and cast of C level actors and has all the look and feel of highly produced and expensive B-Movie. There’s nothing wrong with those types of releases, but to see Stewart in one is a bit startling. It seems the film has a tone somewhere in the middle of Abyss and Aliens but seemingly achieves neither of those. When it comes to Underwater, what you see is what you get.


Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad’s narrative certainly had a been there down that vibe to it. The film plays into that trope of explorers (in this case, drillers) who are working at the bottom of the ocean and stumble into a whole mess of terrible unknown creatures that seem to have a craving for eating ocean explorers. It’s no the first time we saw this type of narrative on the big screen and won’t be the last. Stewart certainly does the most, if not all, the heavy lifting in the film. Without her, this film would have been listless.

The cinematography in the film was a big barrel of eh. Nothing is exciting from a visual standpoint in Underwater. At times, the color palette for the film was just too dark and murky, which made it hard to make out most of what was going on screen. I understand that they were going for a specific “submerged” look, but it ended coming off as distorted.

Now, with all that being said, there’s nothing wrong with taking a chance on Underwater.  Just make sure the expectations are appropriately tempered for this one. It’s entertaining enough, and on the weekend you could do worse.


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