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Review: ‘The Plot Against America’ Episode 5

The Plot Against America took a dark turn this past Sunday. We are now beginning to see the impact of Lindeburgh’s ideology on the United States. The series has been quite effective in demonstrating how slight societal changes can impact a whole country. The episode felt as if it were the build towards an explosive finale, so here are my 5 takeaways from episode 5.

5. The Levin’s will be no more.

Morgan Spector

Herman’s political leanings are putting his family in danger. Bess can’t handle this and has threatened to take the children to Canada. That’s probably the best idea, but his stubbornness will lead to her leaving.

4. Bess sees everything.

Zoe Kazan

Bess can see that this new America is tearing at the fabric of her perfect Jewish-American family. She understands the source of these issues, but you can tell that a fallout between her and Evelyn is coming. Her older sister just wants to be married and mingling in the upper reaches of society while Bess won’t compromise who she is.

3. Evelyn might be starting to see the truth.

The Plot Against America

This interaction with the First Lady, which at best was cold, seemed to strike a nerve with Evelyn. It’s the first time she seemed to feel the slight disdain President Lindburgh’s inner circle has for her faith. The rabbi seems to be somewhat blind to the truth still.

2. The kids know.

The Plot Against America

What stuck out the most for me was just how observant the kids are and how much they understood what truly was going on in the world.

1. Herman gives up his desk job.


Because he refused the government offer of relocation, Herman is now working labor a local garage. It’s not nearly what he made previously, but at least he can live with himself. However, judging by the ending of episode 5 it doesn’t seem that this series is going to end well for Herman as he’s no defied the government relocation program. What are your thoughts about Sunday’s Plot Against America? 

'The Plot Against America' Episode 5 Review
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