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Review: ‘Search Party’ Season 3

Search Party provides all sorts of quirky escapist humor in its new season that everyone will surely crave. Being that the show isn’t overly complicated, fans can simply pick up the third season, which comes to HBO Max today. What makes this show so fun is how over the top, these characters are in these authentic situations. Imagine if Arrested Development was about Micheal Bluth and three slightly different versions of Gob. The idiocy of these characters is obvious, but it’s how the writers weave them into this narrative, which makes the show work.

Search Party

The new season centers around the arrest of Dory (Alia Shawkat) and Drew (John Reynolds) for murdering that private investigator in season 1. Elliot (John Early) and Portia (Meredith Hanger) are faced with the decision of whether to turn on their friends and testify against them. Before any decisions are made, the trial blows into this colossal media circus. Friends are pitted against each other. Dory starts losing grip with reality, and it seems like everything is about to change.

Search Party dives right into highlighting the dangerous nature of sensationalism, and how complicit the media truly is. There’s no real reason why Dory’s trial should be garnering this much attention. Dory is so concerned about her image that her lies are starting to seem real to her. Elliot plays into all of this attention when he pivots from the trial to planning “The Wedding of the Century.” The show certainly doesn’t leave religion unscathed as the show takes a satirical approach to how Christianity is used as a coping mechanism often even during the slightest of crises. The cast does a beautiful job in season 3. Alia Shawkat will stand out the most, but she’s just part of this important comedic puzzle. Search Party doesn’t work without the other three characters. They are the textbook definition of a great ensemble and why Search Party is one of the best comedies of 2020.



'Search Party' Season 3
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