Review: ‘Saint Judy’ Is A Dazzling Devastating Slice Of Life

Saint Judy

In a sea of major studio releases, sometimes a release can get lost in the shuffle. It’s unfortunate because if given a choice most sites will always focus on the film which will garner them the most clicks. Such is the case with Michelle Monaghan’s latest project Saint Judy. Had a significant studio committed a substantial promotional budget, we’d all be referring to Monaghan’s performance as one of the years best. It’s a shame that the promotional budget can often dictate just how many eyeballs can check out a release. With that in mind, let me urge all of you to please seek this film out ASAP. Sean Hanish’s latest project is a timely tale about the work of attorney Judy Wood (Monaghan) and how her push to change asylum laws saved many women’s lives.

Saint Judy

The performances in the film are powerful (well, with a cast which boasts Alfred Molina, Alfre Woodard, and Common, this should come as little shock). However, Monaghan’s portrayal of Judy Wood is more than enough to justify buying a ticket or streaming it online. Her performance is equal parts fiery, heartfelt, and sheds light on the constant turmoil that at times cripples our immigration laws. Saint Judy is at times heartwarming, and at others just devastating which seems to be reflective of our current issues revolving around men and women trying to come to the United States.

Saint Judy doesn’t waste much time getting into the heart of the story. Judy Wood’s story didn’t need any sort of trumped Hollywood romantic entanglements. Authenticity seemed to be a priority when crafting this narrative, and they achieved that in spades.

Overall, Saint Judy resonated with me because there was no attempt to turn this slice of real life for some into some flowery event. Sometimes there are no answers, and even the hero might appear to win in the end, a fight continues to rage on. Based on this film, I’m guessing Mrs. Wood wouldn’t have it any other way.

'Saint Judy'
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