Review: ‘Run’ Episode 5 Decisions

Run this week was frustrating because it was so different than any of the other previous 4 episodes. Everything about the 5th episode was terrific. The writing, chemistry, and action just all clicked, but in a way, it left me bitter. Where has this been the whole season? If the show had this type of approach and tone, it would have been a smash hit. Instead, Run has languished. Here are my 5 takeaways from last night.

5. Just tell the truth already!


We find out early in the 5th episode what the motivation was behind Billy’s original text of Run to Ruby. It was all part of an attempt to craft a new book deal. I wonder if that secret will be what ultimately drives them apart?

4.  True Love?


Nothing says true love like getting your partner to walk away with a satchel full of cash and the dead body of your former assistant lying right next to it—one of the better moments in Run this season.

3. A Leap of Faith –


Ruby and Billy leaping from the train to me was a far more symbolic act than most probably believe. For this to work, they had to leap from their ordinary lives to pursue what most would consider crazy. Will it finally happen for them? I somehow feel this will meet a sad end. Run ends rather soon, so we‘ll know soon enough.

2. Someone finally knows-


Ruby’s husband finally knows what’s going on and with whom. Ruby is trying to balance her old life with this exciting new existence, and it’s not going well at all. Being with Billy might cost her everything.

1. Was it worth it?


Is throwing your career away all in the name of pursuing the one who got away worth it? Is throwing away your family worth it to be happy? One of these two is about to find out.

'Run' Episode 5

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