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Review: ‘Ramy’ Season 2

‘Ramy’ returns for its 2nd season this Friday on Hulu and continues to be one of the best-written series on television. It’s hard to find a show that even matches the seamless weaving of relevant themes that’s been a staple these last two seasons. The storylines are rich and even slightly complex. ‘Ramy’ isn’t just a semi-autobiographical dramedy; in many ways, it’s a reflection of our world. Ramy Youseff returns playing the title role and is just as confused as ever. His character is seeking to be fulfilled in a world that sees him as the enemy only based on his appearance.


One of the more significant changes this season is the addition of two-time Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winner Mahershala Ali. Ali plays Sheikh Ali, a Sufi Leader who is building a religious center in Rami’s neighborhood. Ramy is still seeking a purpose rather than through his current drifter like existence. He goes to the Sheikh to seek guidance, and through the course of the discussion, Ali agrees to take him under his wing, which brings its own set of complications. The season at times will shift the focus from our endearing title character to the rest of his family. Maysa (Ramy’s mother, played by Hiam Abbas) is attempting to become an American citizen this year yet faces struggles adjusting to its culture. Dena (Ramy’s sister played by May Calamawy) is always telling her that she just can’t blurt out everything that’s on her mind now that she’s in America. Her lack of social graces becomes a focus in season 2.

What doesn’t seem to change this season is that no matter what Ramy does to fill the void in his life, he’s never satisfied. This season certainly proves that to change; you have to want it and not just go with the crowd. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but it often leads to awakening, which could be on the horizon.


'Ramy' Season 2
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