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Review: ‘Perry Mason’ Episode 2

Perry Mason spent some much needed time providing fans with a back story on Mason and what has shaped him into what we see today. Again for anyone who is expecting to see the character that Raymond Burr brought to life will be a bit shocked by what they see. What did work very well this episode was how they weaved the story into the larger storyline, which is solving who killed baby Charlie. We also were introduced to a fascinating character, Sister Alice, played by Tatiana Maslany. There’s certainly much to discuss as we get into our top 5 takeaways.

5. Who is in over their head –

Perry Mason

While the police are convinced that her husband had a hand in their son’s death, we find out that she’s having an affair. Could that have lead to her son’s untimely death? This character is the closest to any character from the old Perry Mason television series.

4. Perfect casting –


I can’t imagine anyone better playing the defense attorney during this season of Perry Mason. 

3. His Past –

Perry Mason

We find out that Perry Mason’s military past is quite twisted and is likely why he’s so withdrawn from the world.

2. Antagonist –

Perry Mason

Could the good sister be this season’s villain? Did anyone else hear what she was thinking about before beginning Charlie’s service? She’s involved in this murder.

1. The Look –

Tatiana Maslany

I’m not sure if Sister Alice is trying to offer comfort or is withdrawn because of something she did. Being that this is Perry Mason, I’m guessing that she’s involved.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Perry Mason? 

'Perry Mason' Episode 2 Review
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