Review: ‘Perry Mason’ Episode 1


Perry Mason has been synonymous with courtroom drama and high-pressure moments. HBO is taking a different approach with this iconic character and looking at his early years. The show focuses on Mason’s early years as a private detective in the 1930’s which is a great way to relaunch the series. Matthew Rhys steps into the role and is off to a fantastic start. The launching point of this series centers around the death of a baby, and Mason is brought in to investigate the matter. Here are our 5 takeaways from the first episode.

5. The opener –

Perry Mason

The opening sequence with Perry Mason trying to get away after being busted during a stakeout is hysterical and entirely unexpected.

4. Hmmm –

Perry Mason

I realize that the good Reverend ends up hiring Mason, but something tells me he might end up being the villain in all of this.

3. Too Quiet –

Perry Mason

The father’s story doesn’t add up! I’m thinking he knows more than he’s leading on but wasn’t who killed his son.

2. FWB –


It seems Perry Mason’s friend with benefits also gives him life advice. It’s an odd dynamic, but I dig it.

1. Love interest –

Perry Mason

As the mystery unfolds, these two seem destined to get together.

What were your thoughts about the first episode of Perry Mason?

'Perry Mason' Episode 1
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  1. Series Perry Mason there were no nude scenes it was just not right showing what they did on the first episode of Perry Mason

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