Review: ‘My Spy’ Is More Of The Same

My Spy

My Spy isn’t nearly as bad as some might suggest. It isn’t close to great either. The film is a middling attempt by former professional wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista to lead a conventional comedy. There’s no denying that the former WWE star has some comedic chops, but they are seem dulled by the direction of this narrative. It makes one wonder if STX Entertainment gave Jon and Erich Hoeber notes, which lead to changes being made to the storyline. If nothing else, everyone should realize that the original studio, STX, did this project a disservice. Delaying this film even before the pandemic and, of course, gave this film little chance of catching anyone’s attention. Credit should be given to Amazon Prime for rescuing this project and giving it a proper push.

My Spy

My Spy centers around JJ (Bautista), who finds himself demoted and on a stakeout when his cover is blown by a 9-year-old named Sophie (Chloe Coleman). In exchange for not telling the world about this, JJ reluctantly agrees to teach Sophie about being a spy. He quickly realizes that he’s in over his head.

What didn’t work with the film was just how similar to early versions of this film involving former professional wrestlers. If you have seen Mr. Nanny starring Hulk Hogan or Toothfairy starring The Rock, then this film will feel familiar to you. While the film hits those similar beats, in those odd moments where it takes an unexpected turnMy Spy works. Who knew that Bautista would be such a funny physical comedic actor? So for 5% of the film we see what should have been and for 95% of the rest, we wonder what might have been.

'My Spy' Review
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