Review: ‘Muppets Now’ Rocks !

Muppets Now

Muppets Now is the perfect mix of nostalgia with modern twists resulting in excellent family entertainment. It is a testament to the shows writing team that they were able to take something infinitely familiar to anyone in the world and come up with a fresh way to present it. The framework of Muppets Now acknowledges the current reality families are navigating. Each week, the show launches from conversations between Scooter(who is busy being the Executive Producer of Muppets Now) and any number of Muppet Characters on what appears to be Zoom. While the show doesn’t make a massive deal about this, by having these beloved characters navigate a similar reality creates an instant connection with children.

Muppets Now

The first season is only six episodes, and each one four different segments highlighting everyone’s favorite Muppets. The segments are diverse, ranging from Kermit attempting to interview a celebrity, Fashion with Miss Piggy, and a cooking show with the Swedish Chef. While the show undoubtedly has a modern feel, Muppets Now firmly plants its roots in what made the original Muppet Show so special. In between, the awkward chickens roaming the set and terrible jokes from Fozzie Bear is a show with heart and positivity which brightens the darkest of days. There’s not much on television these days which pull that off.  

'Muppets Now'
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