Review: ‘Looney Tunes’ on HBO Max

Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes on HBO Max are the perfect blend of nostalgia with a modern twist. While Love Life and the Not Too Late Show with Elmo have indeed snagged headlines, it’s the addition of these classic cartoons that come with considerable risk. Animation fans are very picky. Had these brand new Looney Tune episodes not lived up to the highest of standards, all of the internet would be ablaze. Executive Producers Pete Browngardt and Sam Register knew this was true going in. These new shows had to big, bold, and have a bright booming color pallette for fans across the globe to be satisfied.

Looney Tunes

What was clear from the onset was how Warner Brothers Animation knew that less was more. None of the episodes I screened have a deluge of new characters. Each episode stuck to a straightforward narrative making use of the most classic characters at their disposal. Each episode is only 15 minutes, and you get two cartoons and one short. These shows are easily binged and set up at just the right length to entertain any children in the household. Animation wise, the episodes had a style reminiscent of the old Animaniacs show. Warner Brothers also made sure to incorporate the classical, big production music and stylish openers which gave each Looney Tunes episode a classic feel.

Looney Tunes

These episodes of Looney Tune Cartoons are certainly a trip down memory lane that the whole family will adore.


'Looney Tunes' Season 1 on HBO Max
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