Review: ‘Long Shot’ Is The Best Comedy Of 2019

Fred Flarsky (Seth Rogen) and Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron) in FLARSKY.

Long Shot is the best comedy by far of 2019. I realize that making a statement like this is a bit heavy-handed (it is only the end of April) but a film will be hard-pressed to match the level of hilarity and equal the level of warmth in Jonathan Levine’s latest. Is Long Shot‘s success directly attributed to Seth Rogen? No, you can put him in most situations, and he can elicit a laugh. What makes this film click is the level of commitment that Charlize Theron has to the narrative. Theron doesn’t shy away from most of her scenes which seem to end up being slightly blue. While in most releases starring Seth Rogen he’s the funny guy while either someone like James Franco is the straight man, in Long Shot, at times the roles are reversed.

At the center of the film is a question of who is allowed to define happiness when you are in the public eye, society or yourself. Charlotte (Theron) seems to be on a one-way track to the White House. Her advisors have even encouraged Theron’s character to warm up to the idea of dating the prime minister of Canada solely because of great they look together. Fred (Rogen) represents a free spirit that the Security of State is seemingly not allowed to have. He says what’s on his mind and doesn’t care who it might offend. In Fred Flarsky’s world, there’s no political correctness just right and wrong.

Long Shot
Charlotte Fields (CHARLIZE THERON) and Fred Flarsky (SETH ROGEN) in LONG SHOT. Photo Credit: Hector Alvarez.

I wouldn’t say Fields and Flarsky have an instant connection, but they develop one over time. The film does benefit from a strong supporting cast. The group Boyz II Men (yes, you read that correctly) and O’Shea Jackson stood out in the movie. One could even make the argument that the supporting cast in the film was at times as good as the leads.

Overall, Long Shot is a gem and will leave audience members with tears streaming down their face and sore sides due to laughter. It’s the perfect date night movie or just a film which will fill you with joy.


'Long Shot'
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