Review: ‘Little’ Is A Whole Lot Of Nothing


Tina Gordon’s latest release Little is a complete and utter waste of time. There’s nothing to be gained by seeing the film and no entertainment to be had. I found the whole experience to be quite staggering as the film was written by Tracy Oliver (Who wrote Girls Trip … which I liked). I guess after being so surprised by Oliver’s well-crafted narrative in 2017, I expected much more. Little is nothing more than a pseudo attempt at capturing the magic of Big and Freaky Friday. Memo to Hollywood ……. STOP trying to recapture past magic and concentrate on creating intriguing storylines.


Little stars Regina Hall, Issa Rae, and Marsai Martin and it would seem that a film with this cast would be destined for success. If anything this film taught us that a strong cast could only take us so far. To put it bluntly, the film was disjointed. At points, the film was gunning for a bit of a redemption message for Jordan Sanders (Hall), and at other times it meandered into a movie about confidence centered around April (Rae) and some Sanders classmates. Neither storyline is fully developed. At points, you begin to think the film is getting on track, but then we start shifting towards a discussion centered on Sanders lack of commitment in her personal life.

Little is intended to appeal to a particular audience, but I’m not exactly sure who that may be. I can’t say it’s a full-fledged kids movie due to some adult moments and the subject matter is well intended but far from appealing. Perhaps had the narrative been a bit more focused on its target audience, I could get behind this mess.



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