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Review: ‘Lance’ 30 for 30 Documentary Part 1

Lance is a fascinating documentary about the former cyclist’s fall from grace. Lance Armstrong quickly ascended to a cultural icon following his first win at the Tour de France. It wasn’t too shocking to anyone. This was a man who appeared to have battled cancer and won one of the most grueling events in cycling. Before Lance Armstrong, no one cared about cycling. It was his story that drew fans to the sport and made him very marketable. This was an all American story. Everyone wanted to “Live Strong.” What people didn’t realize is that it was his narcissism and desire that caused him to cheat at a very early age.


In the documentary, Armstrong admits that he began doping when he was 21 years old. What blew my mind was how Armstrong seemingly tried justifying his actions numerous times during part one. Director Marina Zenovich just let him continue to talk and didn’t shy away from asking the tough questions. There are multiple times in this documentary where Armstrong looked very uncomfortable. In interviews with his various teammates, it seemed that not doping wasn’t an option if someone wanted to be on the team.


There’s a point in the documentary where Armstrong tries to explain to the world that in many ways, the drug he took (EPO) was safe. I’m not sure why he thins that as it’s meant for other treatments and clearly against the rules. It seems that Armstrong, at this point, is still delusional about what occurred and how it lead to his confession on National Television.

While The Last Dance showed the world of an iconic sports figure, Lance shows the world the inner workings of a fraud. What’s crazy is that part 1 doesn’t dive fully into what eventually leads to him being busted. That’s next week.

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