Review: I Saw ‘Miss Bala’ So You Don’t Have To

Miss Bala

Even though I have exactly zero members of my family who are of Hispanic descent, it’s hard not to feel gross after sitting through Miss Bala. I could care less if Gina Rodriguez’s latest film is a remake and it was rooted in the source material. Catherine Hardwicke’s Miss Bala is not only a terrible film, but it also spends most of the narrative perpetuating gross stereotypes about Hispanic men and women. Not only is it puzzling that a movie like this could get even made, I wonder why more outlets haven’t employed Hispanic writers to dissect this dumpster fire. Their lack of action allowed Sony to release this film and finish in the top 3 this week.

Miss Bala

Now Gareth Dunnet-Alocer’s storyline centers on Gloria (Gina Rodriguez) and her friend are abducted by a cartel after an attempted assassination attempt of the police chief at a local dance club. The idea is that Gloria has to become cunning just to be able to survive her captors and hopefully gain her freedom. In fact in the trailer, Gloria is heard saying ” the bala … in the end .. the bullet settles everything.” In reality, Miss Bala portrays every Hispanic female character as being relatively helpless. Most of the time Gloria is either nervous or an emotional wreck. If she’s supposed to morph into this badass, that never occurs.

Of course, all the male Hispanic characters of note are some level of sleazy (because of course, that’s realistic).  Alocer’s narrative is a lazy paint by numbers adaptation of a film that quite frankly should have never been brought to the states. Hardwicke’s direction exemplifies the same level of laziness that we saw in her most notable feature Twilight. I found myself looking at my watch hoping for my suffering to end.

Also, how in the world does a movie like Miss Bala get a PG 13 rating? I guess the MPAA is okay with a thirteen-year-old seeing an abused Latina Woman being shot in the head. Just one of the many assinine things which Rodriguez’s latest project one of her worst.

'Miss Bala'
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