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Review: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale

Game Of Thrones wrapped up it’s run on HBO and attempted to satisfy a loyal fan base who have stuck with the show since the inception. Much has been made about whether this season has been satisfying for fans. Rather than waste any brain power on the numerous articles written about petitions, I’ve chosen to see how they wrapped up the series (which is the more sensible course of action).

Game Of Thrones
Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister – Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

The Game Of Thrones finale started with Tyrion in disbelief after the carnage Dany brought upon Kings Landing. We are beginning to see a division between two factions, the troops loyal to Dany and ones who are loyal to Jon Snow. I found the friction between Grey Worm and Jon very telling. Could this be a sign of what’s to come? I loved the imagery of Dany with Drogon’s wings expanded. She indeed has morphed into something unfamiliar to Jon.

I loved the scene of Tyrion scampering to check on if his brother and sister have escaped. Peter Dinklage has likely secured his 4th Emmy award what can only be described as a great season from the actor. It wouldn’t shock me either if Emilia Clarke earned some award consideration for her performance this year. Her speech in front of a smoldering Kings Landing was excellent.

Jon pays a visit to the former Hand Of The King, and he does damndest to convince him to act before his aunt becomes too powerful. Tyrion brings up the point that his sisters might very well be in grave danger. This may have finally got his attention. Jon then confronts Dany and pleads for her to do the right thing. It is apparent that she’s becoming delusional. He’s left with no choice. During a kiss, he ends up stabbing his aunt.

I did love the seeing Drogon mourn for Dany and in the process destroy the Iron Throne. It was a way for the writers to destroy the one thing which had symbolized so much death. In the end, it was refreshing to see everyone together as they decided who the new King would be. While selecting Brandon to sit on the Iron Throne made some sense, I wasn’t a massive fan of the selection. Sending Jon to the Night’s Watch didn’t feel right either but neither did killing him.

Overall, I felt the Game Of Thrones finale was more paint by numbers than anything. Nothing spectacular to go on about. As a fan, I am satisfied that they brought most of the storylines to a satisfactory conclusion. Just wish this series would have gone out with a bang.


'Game Of Thrones Series Finale'
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