Review: ‘Extraction’ Is ass kicking escapist entertainment


Extraction is the best action movie so far in 2020. The film is just pure insanity. The experience of watching the film is as if you drank a Monster Energy Drink and chased it with a mixture of Red Bull and Cuban Coffee. While director Sam Hargrave’s directorial debut is thin on plot, the highly entertaining yet ridiculous action sequences more than made up for that. Extraction looks and feels like someone with extensive stunt experience crafted it. Hargrave seems to have picked up inspiration from his past projects, and that’s evident in the final product. For his first feature film, Hargrave knocks it out of the park.


While Joe Russo adapted the film, Extraction is based on the graphic novel Ciudad. The narrative is mostly about Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), who is hired to extract the kidnapped son of an Indian drug lord from his rival only to be double-crossed. The film is pretty straight forward. Will Rake be able to escape a city that’s on lockdown and save this child? While Extraction is around 142 minutes long, the film is roughly 80% Action and 20% plot. David Harbour has an exciting part in the movie that morphs into a great fight sequence.


Hemsworth sells his role coming off as an Australian John Rambo. Extraction reminded me of those big gaudy action movies from the ’80s and ’90s. Did anyone buy Sylvester Stallone as Mario Cobretti? No, we just loved seeing him kill bad guys.

What stood out to me in the film was the creative cinematography. Every car chase sequence was seemingly shot from the vantage of the driver, which means they had to have mounted cameras to these cars that were racing throughout the cityscape. Hargrave’s team used were very successful in how they used handheld shots as well. The sequence inside the apartment building was deftly shot, I found myself dodging and moving as Rake fought off an onslaught of bad guys.  Every decision made seems to have the purpose of bringing the action closer to the audience.


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