Review: ‘Expecting Amy’ Is Fantastic

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer’s documentary Expecting Amy is unapologetic in its authenticity, and that’s the very thing that makes this special. The latest addition to the HBO Max lineup chronicles Schumer’s tumultuous nine-month pregnancy and the life-altering events that occurred during that time. Most releases coming out of Hollywood fail to capture what happens to women during this time. If these movies were reality, every person who was pregnant would have such an easy time. These notions create a distorted perception of the truth. Expecting Amy peels all the curtains to the side, showing the world the unspoken side of pregnancy. Audiences see it all, every moment of angst, bouts of nausea, and emotional highs and lows. Schumer’s journey reminds us women are warriors. Schumer says in the documentary, “I resent how culture tells women they have to suck it up and say everything is fine.” 

Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer Photograph by HBO Max

The documentary dives deep into her relationship with her husband, Chris Fischer. We certainly his idiosyncrasies right off the bat in Expecting Amy. Schumer and Fischer certainly have their ups and downs, which seem to stem from a communication breakdown of Chris’s end. After acknowledging this and after seeking testing, they do get a diagnosis that he’s on the spectrum. Getting a diagnosis gave them direction. Now, it seems their communication will be improved long term. As a parent of two children with ASD, it was refreshing to see someone positively discussing Autism. 

While Expecting Amy certainly tackles some major life-altering events, the documentary chronicles Schumer’s transformation. Getting married will change anyone. Her sister even notes this during the ceremony. Having a child will rock your universe. Expecting Amy certainly shows us that. Both are capable of filling someone with such joy. Amy, in the last minutes of the documentary, is elated. If anything, Amy Schumer shows women going through significant life-altering moments that no matter how hard it may get, it’s all worth it. 

'Expecting Amy'
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