Review: Disney’s ‘Penguins’ Is A Fantastic Feast For Your Soul

In this era of corporate synergy, it frankly surprised me that Disney didn’t have some travel agent offering up information on package deals to Antartica. I can’t speak for the other critics in the screening but had they offered up a reasonable package; I would have considered it. While Penguins (Disney’s 10th release which celebrates Earth Day) follows the exploits of our penguin friend Steve, it indeed is a showcase for the beauty and splendor found in the great white north. The film itself is a fascinating look at creatures that most would say they know plenty about but in reality know very little.


The film is a coming of age of tale (and I use that loosely) of an Adélie penguin named Steve who is on his way to hopefully meet his future mate. The choice of Ed Helms as the narrator was a fantastic one as his infusion of personality made the experience so enjoyable. Sophie Darlington’s photography team did some tremendous work. They were able to bring the audience so close to the adventures of Steve and his fellow Adélie penguins without disturbing their habitat. One would have to think the conditions were not conducive for filming a feature-length documentary. One of my highlights was seeing just how close they indeed were and what that meant for the cameras and surrounding equipment (Can you say Penguin Poop?).

Penguins is not only an immersive experience but also an educational one as well. Anyone in your family who is a lover of animals will just be tickled by this release. So if you are looking for a movie that is great for the family and is the perfect length as well (It’s just an hour and sixteen minutes) then look no further than Penguins. 

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