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Review: ‘Captain Marvel’ Ushers In A New Era

Captain Marvel caused me to take a trip down memory lane. When I wasn’t playing with my best friend Chad at my house on Splitlog Drive, I was navigating those brief moments where my sister (Alana) would attempt and fail miserably at playing nice together. Our arguments would usually stem from my perception that she wasn’t playing Voltron correctly. My wife has often shared tales of playing Star Wars with her brother Jason only for it to end in an argument over whether or not Han Solo needed to go to the grocery store. As we get older, we realize how foolish these arguments were and that the real problem was our sisters didn’t have many action-centric heroes of their own. I’m not talking about Wonder Woman (who taught us all the joys of an invisible jet) or Snake Eyes who showed us how to creatively use a sword against our enemies. What I’m talking about is a hero who embodied ideas that girls could both be smart and a badass as well — a figure who picks herself up even when she tumbles to the ground. To that end, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck’s latest release is a game changer.

Captain Marvel is a sonnet to all the young girls around the globe. You don’t have to be just like the boys, you could be so much more. It’s hard not to imagine my nieces (Sienna and Joella) being gobsmacked by the latest chapter in Marvel’s cinematic universe.  Larsen’s character illuminates a path for empowerment that can last well beyond her contract with Marvel. Probably the best part of the film’s narrative is her gender isn’t a factor. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

Samuel Jackson portrayal as a younger Nick Fury was quite fun, and he provided the perfect foil to Larsen. Clark Gregg reprises his role as Coulson and sheds light on the bond he has with Fury which is on display in the first Avengers film. However, it was Ben Mendelsohn’s portrayal of Talos which stole many a scene in Captain Marvel. Loved the pacing of the film and the soundtrack took me back to my high school days.

Captain Marvel

I’m sure many are wondering if the film makes a connection to the events surrounding Avengers: Infinity War. Without giving too much away, I am 100% certain that Thanos is in for a major ass kicking.

Overall, Captain Marvel is the perfect origin story set to inspire a future generation of women to dream big and to never allow anyone to limit them from who they truly are.

'Captain Marvel'
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