Review: ‘Birds Of Prey’ Is Tons of Fun and Don’t let anyone say otherwise

Birds Of Prey

Birds Of Prey is a breezy, fun, f-bomb filled, joyful ass-kicking fest. The film certainly isn’t “high art” but manages to capture to grab the audience by playing to the narrative’s strengths. This awkward band of misfits is drawn to each other as they attempt escaping the wrath of Roman Sionis (Ewan McGregor). What young Harley failed to realize is dating The Joker had its benefits, and now that she’s single, everyone wants her dead. Birds Of Prey

Cinematographer Matthew Libatique and Production Designer K.K. Barrett certainly deserve loads of praise for their work on the film. Libatique was able to capture the colorful and unique structures which encompassed Yan’s vision of Gotham City. Writing in the funhouse set was a stroke of genius. Barret’s Production Design was extraordinarily detailed and appealing. The action sequences in Birds Of Prey was suburb as well. Some critics are comparing the action with The Dark Knight, but that’s lunacy.

Robbie has quickly ascended into Ryan Reynolds’s territory. Just as fans can’t picture Reynolds as anyone other than Deadpool, fans w always tie Robbie to Quinn. Both are amazing in their respective roles. If anything, seeing how the Oscar-nominated actress owns the part highlights just how grossly underused Harley was in Suicide Squad. 

Ewan Mcgregor’s performance as Roman Sionis certainly played a significant role in elevating the film. In most comic book films, our antagonist is so over the top they become a caricature of who they are portraying. Jared Leto’s interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime was so over the top it detracted from Suicide Squad. At the same time, Joaquin and Heath’s had just enough believability to create buy-in from the audience because they seemed believable.  Mcgregor’s best moments as Sionis/The Black Mask weren’t when he was ordering henchmen to do his bidding. It was those moments where he seemed so downtrodden about something so minor like a snot bubble or someone not liking him.

Overall, Birds Of Prey is a good time whether you are a comic book fan or just looking for entertainment this weekend. Don’t judge the movie based on past DC releases. This is isn’t Batman v Superman or Justice League. It’s a step in the right direction.



'Birds Of Prey'
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