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Review: Bert Kreischer Slays In New Comedy Special

Bert Kreischer’s newest comedy special “Hey, Big Boy” drops on Netflix today and is the perfect remedy for those of us needing a laugh in this new era of social distancing. What was striking about his latest work was how personal it felt. While most of us are accustom to the antics of “The Machine,” it seems his new material has pivoted to a focus on his family. Perhaps it’s a reflection of his age, or maybe he’s evolved from tails of Russian Mobsters and getting blitzed in college.

Bert Kriescher

While Kreischer could hold an audience talking about pretty much any topic, his tales about his two daughters were downright hysterical. Bert was able to strike the perfect balance of hilarity and heart as he held our attention discussing period parties and how inept his youngest was at taking exams. His transitions at times can be a bit jarring, but that’s just a reflection of the type of comedian Bert is.

The most striking thing about Bert Kreischer’s special was how relatable it is for both men and women. Every time, Bert referred to something dumb he did, my wife shot me a very uncomfortable look. If anything, watching this special made want to go back and check out his others. Regardless, with everything that is seemingly unfolding by the hour involving COVID-19, this was the perfect escape for both my wife and me. 

(Here’s a link of when I discussed the special on 102.5 FM in Tampa –


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