Review: ‘Becoming’ Michelle Obama’s Memoir

Becoming a documentary centered around the release of First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir is set to drop on Netflix on May 6th and offers insight into her transition back into public life. What was striking about was just how candid Mrs. Obama was on camera. Audience members certainly get a sense of the enormous pressure she was on from the moment they began her husband’s campaign to the time they boarded Air Force One for the last time. Being the first at anything, let alone the first African American family in the White House, had to have been a daunting burden to endure. The clips from President Obama’s first campaign certainly jogged memories of just how vicious the media was towards her on the trail. At times she openly questioned if America was ready for a President like her husband because she was well aware of the road which lied ahead.


As the documentary weaves in and out of family and public history, we certainly see the former First Lady’s commitment to the youth of America. It’s in these moments that we understand that Becoming isn’t just about her evolution but how we all are evolving. Michelle Obama makes a point to state that her story should inspire the youth not to be complacent. We can be anything we set our minds to.

Perhaps my favorite part of the documentary was seeing how the former First Lady’s Secret Service detail adored her. Her agents spoke glowingly about her, and it’s easy to see why. There wasn’t a single person Michelle Obama came in contact with that she wasn’t so kind to. No matter what your thoughts politically may or may not be about the First Lady, it’s hard to speak ill of her commitment to bettering our world.

While I’m sure this will be a divisive documentary, Becoming gives just enough of a peek behind who our Former First Lady is and remind us of just how fortunate we were to have Mrs. Obama in that role.

'Becoming' Review

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