Review: ‘1917’ Is Technically Unmatched


1917 is technically heads and shoulders above and release in 2019. If Oscars were given for just pure filmmaking, cinematography, and sound design then Sam Mendes’s latest film would win them all. However, there’s more to these awards than recognizing Roger Deakins’s genius. While the sound, cinematography, set design are the stuff of dreams, at times there was an imbalance between the performances and what was occurring on screen. Perhaps the film is a victim of its own success? Now, that doesn’t mean that 1917 is a terrible film by any means. If anything, Mendes has created one of the top ten releases of 2019 and one of the best war movies ever made. I just can’t help but think it could have even been better than it was.


The premise of the movie centers around two soldiers who are given a mission to reach a battalion who is marching right into a trap. The catch is that one of the soldiers marching to his doom happens to be related to one of the soldiers (his brother). Acting-wise, 1917 is fine enough. The technical aspects of the film are what make this release sensational. The cinematography and score are two of the best in 2019. Set design is out this world. These elements turned the film into at times the scariest experience of 2019. This certainly wasn’t a glorified look at war and in many ways honored the sacrifices soldiers make. If War is hell then this surely was exactly that.

Overall, 1917 is fantastic but I’m not sure it’s the best movie in 2019 (like some have stated). That doesn’t mean this shouldn’t be seen on the biggest screen possible (and if you can in one of those Dolby Theaters).


2 thoughts on “Review: ‘1917’ Is Technically Unmatched

  1. Hello sir
    Are you a fucking idiot. The oscars does give awards based on everything you said they don’t.
    Also you enjoyed Six underground, you’re a child.

    1. The comment was in regard to if the best movie year was based on technical merit than this is the winner hands down. If that got lost in translation then that’s on me. As for ‘Six Underground’ I did enjoy it for what it was… a guilty pleasure movie. Thanks for the comment and I appreciate all feedback.

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