Report: Box-Office Takes Hit As ‘Tenet’ Faces Delay


The Box-Office is set to take another beating as Tenet is likely facing another delay according to DeadlineThe report cites a veteran exhibition analyst in their report. It further states how this shutdown at the box-office has caused a 70% drop in revenue at the box-office. Any more of a delay will put theater chains in a further financial bind. Even though AMC seemingly saved themselves with a financial lifeline last week, Eric Handler of MKM Partners states in the article that the largest theater chain is still the most vulnerable. It doesn’t seem to be getting better anytime soon. With COVID-19 rates skyrocketing in multiple states, it would be hard to imagine theater chains opening anytime soon. No large chain will open without a new film and no studio wants to be the first to test the waters. This situation is exacerbated by indoor situations which are largely considered an optimal breeding ground for spreading the virus.

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