Ready Or Not

‘Ready or Not’ Review: A Bloody Insane Gory Good Time

Ready or Not is as twisted as advertised and surpasses any level of gore that you might expect walking into the film. While it might seem that a release like this might be tough to stomach, in reality, the movie was a ton of fun. Campiness (in moderation) can be an excellent thing. This film is one of those rare exceptions where plot continuity matters very little. Ready Or Not is a pretty straight forward film. Samara Weaving plays a bride who marries into a gaming family who believes in tradition (playing a game with the family on their wedding night). These games can be somewhat harmless, and others are quite the opposite.

Ready or Not

The strength of the film is in the ensemble. This odd-looking cast of characters (except Andie Macdowell and Adam Brody who don’t look like they belong to this family) are the heart of this film. At times they are just plain ridiculous, and most the time they are just dripping with insanity. Writers Guy Busik and Ryan Murphy have managed to strike just a perfect balance between humor and gore. While the Le Domas ensemble is the heart of the film, Samara Weaving’s portrayal as Grace is its soul. Weaving is fearless and leaves nothing chance owning every scene she is in delivering a biting wit and just oodles of star power.

I did love the production design of the film and the creativity, the more gory moments of the film. While this may not be the best horror film of the year, it certainly is the most enjoyable one (so far). This is the perfect movie to just let the mayhem wash over you like a wave. If you are looking for a film that’s bat bleep crazy yet will still leave you entertained, then look no further.

'Ready or Not' Review
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