Ralph Breaks The Internet

Movie Review: ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ And Ticket Sales

Who would have thought that one of the more cleverly written moments on screen this year would involve a video game racer and a dressing room filled with Disney’s most iconic Princesses? “Ralph Breaks The Internet” doesn’t rely so much on nostalgia as it did in the first film. Pamela Ribon and Phil Johnston’s narrative is cleverly constructed while still building upon what worked in the 1st film. While “Wreck-It Ralph” taught us about the power of friendship, “Ralph Breaks The Internet” explores the definition of true friendship. Does a friend define who we are? Can we forge our path yet still keep those who we love and cherish close?

Ralph Breaks The Internet

While the film certainly has plenty the kids will adore, what adults will find appealing is the amount social commentary the film has on our endless fascination with the Internet. While Vanellope (Silverman) and Ralph (voiced once again by John C. Reilly) end up on the internet in an attempt to save Sugar Rush from being sold for scrapped (Sugar Rush is Vanellope’s game), the film portrays the world as wide-eyed zombies who are slaves to the internet. Is this artistic license or a little too close to the truth?

While crowds of people search for purpose in the latest goat video, Vanellope seemingly finds her calling as a driver in a death raced inspired video game. She ends up befriending a driver named Shank (voiced by Gal Gadot) who gives her the nudge Vanellope needs to blaze her path. There’s nothing forced or mundane about the evolution of their relationship. Ralph is indeed forced to grow as well. Can he let his best friend follow her dream?

The animation is undoubtedly as crisp as ever but what was impressive is Nathan Warner’s layout of the actual internet. Each piece had its fluidity yet had some elements of whimsy. For example, loved how the pop-ads had their personality on the internet and were strategically placed in the oddest of places throughout the net. Also, a word to wise, make sure you aren’t drinking anything when the pop-up blocker shows up (I learned that the hard way (:).

My only concern about “Ralph Breaks The Internet” is that perhaps the last 1/4 of the film seemed a bit drawn out and that is only a minor critique at best. Overall, you really couldn’t ask for a better family movie to check out over the holiday season. I’d certainly recommend checking it out, but I’m sure it’s already on your to-do list.

'Ralph Breaks The Internet'
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It’s hard to imagine a better family film to check out over the holiday break than ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’.

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