Review: ‘Making Babies’ Is A Hilarious Slice Of Married Life

Making Babies

Josh Huber’s Making Babies is a fantastically funny and heartfelt look about the transition into married life. The narrative is wonderfully realistic and relatable, plus the ensemble is solid. One would think that a comedy about infertility would be a complete dud, but while the film does focus on the absolute lunacy that comes with starting a family, it equally addresses the emotions which go with it too.


Making Babies

The story centers around Katie and John Kelly (played by Eliza Coupe and Steve Howey) as they begin there lives in a brand new home. With most married couples come expectations (such as when are you going to start a family) and they set out to meet those asap. However, years pass and the Kelly’s frustration level begins to build. Coupe and Howey were the highlights of the film for me. Both managed to play these moments in such a realistic manner that it was touching watching them on screen.

Huber narrative is tight, and the pacing of Making Babies is precise. Often these types of releases are riddled with tropes and predictable plot twists, but it appears that Huber’s release is the exception. Don’t over think this! In a cinematic landscape filled with retreads and sequels it’s not often we get a chance to support releases like these. Huber’s latest is undoubtedly worth checking out in theater and makes the perfect date night movie.


Making Babies
  • Making Babies

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