‘Little Monsters’ Review: A Delicious Dose Of Hilarity And Gore

Little Monsters

If Oscars were given out based on the level enjoyment theatergoers had, then Little Monsters would win them all. Little Monsters is the perfect mix of comedy, campiness, and gore to make for an enjoyable experience. While some releases make a point to try and avoid different tropes in their genre, Little Monsters seemingly embraces them. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that some films take themselves way too seriously. Well, Little Monsters is the furthest from that. So how does a film like this attract big names like Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o and Josh Gad? My guess is two-fold. For starters, Little Monsters represents quite a departure from their typical projects. Secondly, the narrative is this perfect blend of whimsy and wit, with the result being 84 minutes of pure entertainment.

Little Monsters

Little Monsters has a pretty straight forward plotline. Dave (Alexander England) volunteers to go on his nephew’s field trip to the farm so that he can get closer to Miss Caroline (Nyong’o) only to realize in short order that a group of zombies had escaped from a local military installation. Loved how Nyong’o’s character embraced her perceived super sweet nature while still managing to decapitate her fair share of zombies. The highlight for me was seeing Josh Gad playing this foul-mouthed children’s t.v. host. There were exchanges in the film between him and Nyong’o’s character, which were so funny it brought tears to my eyes. For those who might be on the fence because of the “gore,” don’t be. Nothing in it is over the top, and all of it was necessary to provide the perfect balance to this narrative.

We are lucky that in this day age, we can get immediate access to certain releases almost instantly. Little Monsters is on Hulu starting this weekend. Check it out!

'Little Monsters' Review
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