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Interview: William Zabka talks all things ‘Cobra Kai’

When you think of William Zabka, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Now to some, that might be a silly question as most would pick Johnny Lawrence, the blonde-haired baddie from the first two Karate Kid films, but did you know Zabka is also an Oscar Nominated writer for a short entitled Most. Zabka also has been in the most of his life, ranging from various commercial appearances and supporting roles in several television shows and films. William is one of the hardest working men in show business and always delivers when called upon. However, it seems all roads have lead William back to the role which he made famous, Johnny Lawrence.

Zabka can be seen alongside Ralph Macchio in Netflix’s Cobra Kai which is in its third season. The show picks up years after Johnny’s loss in the All-Valley tournament to Daniel, and we see that his life has hit rock bottom. Lawrence is attempting to get his life together, and to him, the key is through bringing back his one trust love, Cobra Kai. However, just like most things for the 1983 runner-up in the All-Valley Tournament, it doesn’t go as planned; what’s different is that we see Johnny’s desire to change, and even through adverse moments, Lawrence attempts to see it through in his own way. Now his methods might be unconventional, but that’s Johnny.

In Season 3, we see Zabka’s character gets put through the emotional wringer. The fallout stemming from the incident at the school. Miguel is paralyzed. Trying to come to terms with his own emotional baggage. Finally realizing that Daniel’s not the enemy. It really is by far the best performance of the season, and he deserves all sorts of praise for it. We were lucky enough to have an extended conversation with this talented actor about all things Cobra Kai, and we gained some fascinating insight into who Johnny is.


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