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The United States vs Billie Holiday
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Interview: The cast of ‘The United States vs Billie Holiday’ discusses getting it right

Very few have been able to do the story of Billie Holiday justice because they have glossed over major moments in Ms. Holiday’s life. The latest attempt to capture Billie’s life appears to the exception.  Lee Daniels’s latest project, ‘The United States vs Billie Holiday’ focuses on a time in this iconic actor’s life where she was persecuted for her politics and the addiction she couldn’t overcome.

The United States VS. Billie Holiday
Andra Day stars in THE UNITED STATES VS. BILLIE HOLIDAY from Paramount Pictures. Photo Credit: Takashi Seida.

Daniels goes to great lengths to expose the demons Holiday faced both internally and externally. Andra Day delivers a dynamite performance that has been the talk of award season and will almost assuredly lead to an Oscar nomination down the road. We were lucky enough to sit down with the entire cast of the film and discuss their preparation for the film, the importance of getting it just right, why Day was the perfect choice to play Billie, and how Day herself mourned the end of this project. Here are our interviews with the cast of ‘The United States vs Billie Holiday’.

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