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Interview: Tamara Smart star of Disney ‘Artemis Fowl’

Tamara Smart

Tamara Smart is one of Hollywood’s rising stars and is destined for even bigger things in the near future. She plays Juliet Butler in Disney’s Artemis Fowl, and we were lucky enough to talk with her about that experience.

DS – Are you happy with how the film turned out?

TS – I am very happy with how it turned out, and I hope families like yours enjoy it as well.

DS- Has Disney given any of you any indication that they will move forward with a sequel to Artemis Fowl? 

TS- Well, I don’t know whether there’s going to be a sequel or not. I think we just have to see where this movie goes and only hope that people enjoy it. But yeah, I loved where the books went to with Julie, so I hope there’s another movie.

DS- What was the most challenging aspect of filming Artemis Fowl? 

TS- I have to say probably the stunt work. I think the preparation for those scenes was very hard. It was very challenging even for me to being a very sporty person. I wasn’t confident, and I came out and couldn’t breathe. I was like How do people do this, But I got through it, and I’ve seen the movie, and I’ve seen those sequences, and I’m super proud of them.

DS- While filming, who tried to keep the mood light in-between takes?

TS- Josh Gad, he was the one who was cracking jokes. It was surprising in the best way. It was a joy working with him.

DS- Did you get a chance to pick the brain of Judi Dench about acting?

TS-  Yeah, I  got to hang out with her quite a lot in makeup. I got to have a couple of conversations with her, which was massively amazing. She just told me to stay humble and stay sweet.

DS- Now that you’ve done your first big action film, Will we see Tamara Smart doing others?

TS- I hope so! Yeah..I’m definitely up for it.


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