• Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

Interview: Questlove Discusses “Summer of Soul”

Summer of Soul

How can a festival that was the size and length of The Harlem Cultural Festival just seemingly be swept under the rug? While we can certainly hypothesize as to the reasons behind it, Director Questlove is seeking to rectify this issue with his fantastic documentary “Summer of Soul”. What’s amazing about the documentary is not only how he was able to turn a treasure trove of footage into a cinematic event, he was able to capture the energy and essence of this critical period in our nation’s history. There’s been plenty of brilliant documentaries released in 2021, but “Summer of Soul” is special. How did this first-time director put this all together? What were the inspirations that pushed him to take on this project? We cover it all in our discussion.

Dewey Singleton

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