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Plan B
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Interview: ‘Plan B’ Cast and Director

It appears that when you mix an upcoming director with one of the stars of Liv and Maddie and another from The Big Sick, the result is magic. Perhaps, walking into my screening of Plan B, which is out now on Hulu, my expectations were slightly diminished. Can you blame me? How often does this type of combination of actor and director have a happy ending? Perhaps it speaks to Natalie Morales and her talent behind the camera? Maybe it was due to the chemistry between Victoria and Kuhoo? Whatever the answer, Plan B is surprisingly heartfelt and downright hysterical.

Plan B

The film follows a straight-laced student in high school and her best friend who, after a one-night stand, has 24 hours to hunt down a Plan B pill in America’s Heartland. Morales does a great job of balancing both the film’s entertainment value while never losing sight of their major message of choice. Why should women have to jump through so many hoops to make decisions about their own bodies? While the film doesn’t come off as preachy, amongst the raunchy moments are some real thought-provoking gems. We were lucky enough to speak with Natalie, Victoria, and Kuhoo about the film recently. Check it out!



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