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Feeling Through
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Interview: Marlee Matlin and the cast of ‘Feeling Through’

Colman Domingo gets it. Priyanka Chopra gets it as well. Cher Does as well. They’ve all commented on how Doug Roland’s short film ‘Feeling Through’ is downright fantastic. There’s a reason why Oscar Winner Marlee Matlin is executive producing the film. This project represents the first authentic representation of the Deaf-Blind community in film. In a world that craves authenticity, very few things actually are just that.

Feeling Through

There’s a reason Roland’s project has been made the Academy’s Live Action Short Film List. Very few releases this year have impacted me in the way this one has on both a professional and personal level. We had the opportunity to sit down with Oscar winner Marlee Matlin, Director Doug Roland, and Deaf-Blind Actor Robert Tarango about this amazing piece.

If you want to check out the short, click on this link below.


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