• Sun. Sep 19th, 2021

Interview: Jean Smart, Kaitlin Olsen, and Hannah Einbinder Talk ‘Hacks’


Hacks is no ordinary show,  lead by an actor who is anything but conventional. Emmy Award winner Jean Smart shows little fear in tackling any role that comes her way. Whether she’s Depression Kitty on Big Mouth, William Shatner’s love interest in Senior Moment, Helen (Mare’s mother) in Mare of Easttown, or Laurie Blake on Watchmen, Smart is one of the most versatile performers in Hollywood. We now see her as the acerbic queen of comedians Deborah Vance in HBO Max’s, Hacks which debuts May 13th. This is a role we’ve never seen her take on before, and she’s fantastic. Rounding out the cast is comedian Hannah Einbinder who plays Ava, a writer hired to punch up Deborah’s act, and Kaitlin Olson, who plays Deborah’s daughter.

Jean Smart and Kaitlin Olson, HBO MAX, ‘Hacks’, Season 1

The show is about a Legendary Comedian who forms a bond with a 25-year-old entitled comedian hired to help punch up her act. We see how Deborah has had to navigate the misogynistic world of entertainment for well over 40 years, and now she is faced with a casino owner who thinks she is too old and past her prime. We were lucky enough to speak with the cast about this fantastic show. Our conversation ranged from Jean’s hatred of technology, each of their favorite moments in the show, and how Jean uses the “f” word.

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