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Interview: Jane Levy Discusses Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Jane Levy

One would think a talented actress such as Jane Levy would be recognized more often. Still, according to her, it’s the castmates of amazing Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist¬†that have to contend with those issues. Confusing, but it’s actually not that surprising. Part of Zoey’s appeal is how relatable she is. Levy’s character could be any one of us. However, it’s the infusion of heart and soul that makes the show so special. There’s really nothing like it on television, and Levy is a huge reason why.

Jane Levy
ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST — “Zoey’s Extraordinary Dad” Episode 112 — Pictured: Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke — (Photo by: James Dittiger/NBC)

While some might think that she came out of nowhere, Jane has been delivering onscreen for many years. It all started with the role of Mandy in Shameless, and from there, she got her first leading role on Suburgatory¬†in 2011, which lasted until 2014. Whether it’s been Evil Dead,¬†About Alex, Bang Bang Baby, or her work on the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks, Jane always has exceeded expectations on screen. All it was gonna take is someone recognizing her talent to cast Jane in the right role. Her breakout was inevitable. Talent like Levy’s is rare. With Emmy season in full swing, Jane not only stands a great chance of being nominated for her work in season 2 of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, but some might also argue that she’s a favorite.


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